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Change a Child's Life
Change a Child's Life

How You Can Give Back

You can do anything to raise money for children, and it only takes a few minutes by accessing our donation section. Let us together offer school supplies to both teachers and children in Africa.

Every child deserves a quality education. Our goal is to develop the potential and character of every child that passes through the door of a public school. Your passion and commitment are crucial to helping all students—of all colors and backgrounds—learn, grow, and fulfill their potential.


About For The Love of All

Challenge our Children to Go to School

For a child, hope, love and support changes everything

  • For The Love of All works to ensure that every child has access to affordable and high-quality care. We create programs to educate parents on the various options available to them.
  • We also provides resources such as classroom materials abd lesson plans to be used in schools.
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